Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back Again

Circumstances got in my way 2 years ago in my goal to become a regular blogger. My mother was ill which necessitated a lot of travel and no internet access at her home. (She's doing much better now, thank God.) The more time went by, the harder it was to get back into it.
So no more excuses!! I'm back and I really want to use this as a journal and a place to maybe try for a little creativity. I've never felt confident or had the belief that I was a creative person, feeling that I too often follow a pattern and do not strike out on my own. This will be the place to be who I really am, without subterfuge or prettying up reality. A place to stretch my wings and take a risk. Blogging may not seem risky to all of you. But as a very private person, it feels fraught with peril.
So, taking a big breath here I am again. And I pray that this time I will be up to this challenge!

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