Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WARNING! Disgusting pictures ahead!

     I mentioned my foot in the last post, but there is more. In the interest of keeping it real, I am posting pictures of the aftermath of my foot surgery. Anyone with delicate sensibilities should just "move along, nothing to see here."  (Name that movie. $200 question.)
    As mentioned in my last post I kicked my bathroom scale a year ago September, (read about it here). Being an RN, and loving to diagnose my own ailments, I ignored  the pain as best I could for about a month, assuming I had broken my toe. Finally I went to the doctor and amazingly, I was wrong! I had a stress fracture down in the foot. I had to wear a cast boot.  Supposedly, they usually heal in about 2 weeks, mine took 6. Wearing the boot gave me a secondary problem. A neuroma. This fun malady is an inflamed trapped nerve which sent a strong electrical shock pain into my toes when I stepped down.  Time usually heals these and within a couple of months I could tell some improvement.
    Somehow, being Miss Graceful, I tripped just slightly and came down a bit hard on the same foot. Stress fracture number 2 had arrived. This one took 3 months to heal. All that cast boot wearing, led to, of course, increased inflammation of the neuroma. After 5 injections of steroid to help heal it, it was obvious it wasn't going to heal. That left surgery as my only option.
    I had the surgery December 8th. Everything was progressing well until the stitches came out. One week later the darn thing dehissed, (split open). Nothing with this foot can ever go well.  Here is a picture of how it looked last week:

Here is how it looks this week:

    Does it look any better to you? Me neither.
      Time out for a rant:

    Can I be frank? I am sick, sick of this foot!  I feel like a slug as normal locomotion has been impossible for over a year. I have gained one thousand and eleven pounds sitting around on my derriere. I have lost muscle tone. I am sick of going upstairs one at a time.
    (Rant Over)

    I leave you with this picture so as not to leave you traumatized by my disgustingness. 

                Thank you for listening and I recommend returning to your regular programming ASAP.

                            Love, Lomelindi

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