Friday, March 20, 2009

Hello out there!

I have been off line as I went "back home" to help out when my Mom had surgery. It has taken me awhile to get back in the groove since returning home.

Lots of news around here.

I am finally getting hearing aids! Yeah! I go for my eval next week. It is $150 just for the eval! I know the actual "aids" will be in the thousands, but the audiologist did not want to speculate how much until after the evaluation. I am so tired of misunderstanding, missing half of what goes on around me, I really am excited moving even further along the road to geezerhood. The audiologist asked me how concerned I was about being "discreet" about wearing hearing aids. I honestly answered, "Not at all!" My feeling is, everyone who talks to me for any time at all knows I can't hear. It is not a secret. I have been losing my hearing slowly since age 19, so hearing loss doesn't have the age stigma for me. I hate it, but I accept it. There are other worse things that could happen. At least medical technology has advanced to where there is assistance for me. As my hearing for high pitches is still somewhat normal, I have to have a sophisticated hearing aid with a computer program to only amplify the sounds in the range where my loss is. There are even ones that can sense when I am in a restaurant, party or other noisy environment and automatically adjust to lower the sound of the background noise and bring out the sounds I am trying to hear. (Won't know if those will be in my budget until next Wednesday.)

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